Quick sitemaps with PERL, WWW::Mechanize and the Template Toolkit

Recently, I redesigned the website, and re-wrote its back-end to make it Catalyst-based (I know, it seems like an overkill, but this sets a nice base for future plans). While getting ready to launch the new version I needed to update the sitemap.xml, but despite of FH being a small site, working out manually all the new links seemed a very tedious task


Sorting SNMP oids in PERL

The most efficient way of sorting SNMP oids in perl is using the XS-based module Sort::Key::OID by S. FandiƱo. But some times going to the change request bureaucracy to get approved & installed a new module might take a while; or simply you want to avoid the maintenance overhead of an extra module in your farm for such a basic functionality.

Here is a pure PERL alternative, based in Randal's well known Schwartzian transform: