Memcached ZenPack version 1.2

After a long wait the version 1.2 of the zenpack is ready (currently waiting for zenoss to process the github pull request).


Writing a custom, non-SNMP, non-SSH, PythonPlugin-based zenoss modeler

If you have been customizing zenoss to suit your business needs you are likely to have developed several SNMP-based or SSH-based modelers in your zenpacks. But what if either protocol does not suit your needs? There is another, not so well documented plug-in class supported by zenoss: PythonPlugin.


Accessing zenoss dmd from standalone scripts

Quite often is is very useful scripting repetitive tasks in zenoss, whether it might be listing devices and its properties, dumping lists of users, re-arranging organizers or other type of routine maintenance. To do so invariably you need to get hold of the zenoss dmd. This is a short snipped showing a way of doing it:


Monitoring memcached with a Zenoss Zenpack

Zenoss is an open source enterprise-grade monitoring tool that quickly is becoming a standard among the monitoring applications.

This step-by-step guide shows how to monitor memcached instances using a custom Zenoss Zenpack. The zenpack extends Zenoss to provide a custom datasource type, MemcachedStats, which automatically brings to Zenoss all the sections of the memcached stats as datapoints.